Lauren E. Colao

All of the ads on this page were presented to the real clients.  I was the copywriter for all of these projects, and I worked in teams consisting of an art director, an account manager, PR, and research.  Credit should be given to my teammates for the artwork on this page.

Adelphia Restaurant  (Deptford, NJ)


Target Audience: College students.
Objective: Bring in more college students to Adelphia.

Print Ads, Flyers, Coupons, E-mails and Non-Traditional Media (Text Messages)

The Corporate Call Center (Blue Bell, PA)

Target Audience:  Business Prospects (Ex: Healthcare company)
Objective:  Boost awareness of the services CCC offers

Print Ads

The Philadelphia Zoo

Target Audience:  Commuters or locals who drive on I-95.
Objective:  Awareness.  (After researching, our surveys highlighted the fact that people "just don't think about going to the zoo.")